10 Reasons Why Avatar 2 Will Be Even Better Than The First One

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Everything you need to know about Avatar 2.
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The first Avatar movie was a massive success no matter how you look at it. Fans were eager for a sequel, but we’ve been waiting a long time. Since the fervor following the first movie has dampened somewhat, it’s hard to tell how excited we should be about Avatar 2, but we’ve found some reasons we believe the sequels will be even better than the original movie.

We all know James Cameron is a perfectionist and now he finally has the technology to pull off underwater scenes with motion capture. In order to make it even more immersive, he’s working out a way to see it in 3D without relying on 3D glasses. We’ll be welcoming back some beloved characters and meeting some incredible new ones. The plot is so good, it just couldn’t be contained to a trilogy as was the original plan. In the comments section below, let us know if you’re excited to see Avatar 2. Then, click subscribe for more videos from CBR.


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