Top 20 Most Lethal Prison Weapons Ever Made!

28 Apr 2017 11:15 1,649
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With no real weapons available to the average prisoner, they get creative, fashioning deadly weapons out of whatever they can find. Here’s the top 20 most lethal prison weapons.
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BeAmazed at... Dummy sub-machine gun - While this weapon isn't actually a working sub-machine gun, it certainly looks the part. Double-edge blade - This slab of pure evil is a piece of wood with razor blades stuck into it, 5 large ones on one side, 6 smaller ones on the other. Prison Grill - Another entry from Germany. This was found by a guard in Ludwigsburg Prison back in the 1980s. Crossbow - Yes, you heard me right. This is a prison-made crossbow discovered by guards at Stony Mountain Institution in Canada, in 1988. Catapult - This is another one from Wolfenbuttel Prison in Germany, where they are clearly incarcerating their more ingenious criminals. Knuckleduster - This is made from a metal wood-file, presumably stolen from the prison workshop. Mace - This homemade mace was found hidden in the metal workshop of Santa Fu prison, near Hamburg in Germany. Bed post gun - Here’s a weapon that actually works, and was actually used. Glass blade - This may look like something out of Game Of Thrones, but it’s actually a prison-made glass dagger. Molten chocolate bar - One thing you’d imagine you could give to prisoners without any fear is a lovely bar of chocolate. However, you'd be wrong. Razor blade comb - This hair-raising weapon was confiscated from a maximum-security jail in New Jersey in the 1980s. Bunkbed spear - This one was found in San Quentin, one of the most notorious prisons in the world, located just north of San Francisco. In 1985, 3 prisoners fashioned a spear in their cells. Paper blade - Here’s proof that prisoners can make a weapon out of just about anything. Double-barrelled pistol - This is a homemade pistol found in the cell of two prisoners at Celle Prison in Germany. It’s crude to say the least. Coathanger saw - This simply-made saw would easily be able to cut through somebody’s skin and flesh. Spiked glove - This may look like an ordinary gardening glove, but rather than protecting you from sharp objects, this glove is full of sharp objects. Water bomb - Water bombs in San Quentin are a different matter. Razor Whip - We’re back in Germany and, here’s a whip, with razors on it. Cross Shiv - Homemade prison knives, or shivs, are often carved out of everyday objects like toothbrushes. Radio Bomb - Finally, a story of revenge, and a crazy prison weapon.

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