Ebony Steelband - Infatuation (Composition)

05 Jun 2009 05:21 16
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ManagerPepe Francis

Between them, the musicians in this band have been playing pan for over 100 years! Vanya composes her own music and will be releasing a jazz album later this year; Carlene Etienne, is an accomplished composer, arranger and singer and is Engine Rooms First Lady; Delphina, also a composer, teaches in the band; Adanne is the newest member of Ebony and was previously captain of Stardust; Kayleigh won the under 25s category of Pan Explosion last year; Ashley, the only male in the side, has been drumming for 16 years and is Captain of Ebonys enviable rhythm section.

Composer:Vanya Pan Woman Reid
Arranger:Vanya Reid
Soloists:Vanya Reid (Tenor), Kayleigh Lewis (Double Seconds), Carlene Etienne (Triple Guitar), Delphina James (Bass), and Ashley George (Drums)

Tenor: Vanya Reid
Double Seconds: Kayleigh Lewis
Triple Guitar: Carlene Etienne
Four Cello: Adannae Okeke
Bass: Delphina James
Drums: Ashley George

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